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Indoor Intervarsity Match in Cardiff

The week after Remembrance Sunday saw UOB's stellar track team once again make the trip down to Cardiff for our annual intervarsity meet.

The evening began with a stand out performance from new recruit Denzell in the 60m, winning in a time of 7.26s without blocks and whilst readjusting his glasses half way through the race. A sub 7s run pending!

Yvette Westwood then made it two from two with a storming run to take the win in the woman's 60m in a time of 7.91s, however our very own Charlotte Orton's record still holds.

Next up was the 300m with Ryan Lowe taking the men’s match race out hard and earning a well-deserved second place in a strong field, sub fifty in the 400m soon come.

Noteworthy performances must also go to Ellie Ravenscroft in the 600m and Alex Shaw the 300m, who tracked down some excellent Cardiff Met athletes harder than Luke Gunn a Costa Coffee, in races where meet records were well broken.

A strong cohort of BUAC's finest men also stepped up to the plate in the 600m, with representatives from the infamous 69 Heeley and the up and coming 82 Exeter.

The 200m saw Bilal Khan, George Biggs, Eleanor Hall, Lauren Butler, Mariam Bhayat and Amber Stiby don a Birmingham vest on DEBUT, with Alice Odunaiya winning the woman's race in a time of 26.12s.

The field saw Grace Adeleye win the Shot Put with a performance of 10.15m, whilst talisman 400m man Jack Hocking stepped up to the long jump board alongside fellow sprinter Phil Bowden who managed to achieve 3 personal bests in one evening.

The evening finished with Martin Owens all time favoured event, the 4x200m relay. The students of Cardiff met however inspired by Wales thrilling win over Australia on the weekend went on to win the meeting with a cruising win from the men’s team with still the woman's left to run.

The return journey from the country of my birth unexpectedly turned into the most riveting event of all however as our coach became lodged between a digger and a dry-stone wall. George Biggs, secretary, jumped into action however and saved the day ensuring certain members could attend a well-deserved sports night before proclaiming, "Those thieving social secs can pay for the damages."

Many thanks to Cardiff Met for organising and hosting the meeting and to all those who competed for the first time, a pleasure as always.

- Mark Cottam

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