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BUAC Roundup - 30th August

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

Contributions from Jonny Currie, James Davis and George Loxton

Cover photo from #teamlowesrun

BUAC athletes travelled the length of the country in the past week, with BMC involvement in the North, Midlands and South. With plenty of smaller clubs now beginning to host COVID-secure meetings outside of the post-lockdown powerhouses of Lee Valley, Nuneaton and Stretford, there was plenty of action elsewhere as well.

The most notable performance of the week came from incoming thrower Kirsty-Anne Ebbage, who placed herself as UK #19, and #7 U20 with a 42.03m discus result in Chelmsford.


BMC Gold Standard

Trafford (25/8)

800A Josh Allen 1:56.42 SB 5th

1500A Mark Pearce* 3:45.76 PB 2nd

1500B Patrick Taylor* 3:55.34 SB 6th

(Jay Rossiter) 3:55.53 SB 7th

1500D Ethan O'Shea (R) 4:01.34 SB 3rd

1500A Saskia Millard 4:24.67 SB 6th

3000A Emily Thompson 9:57.14 PB 5th

3000B Tom Drabble* 8:34.02 SB 4th

3000C Joe Connors 9:04.47 SB 5th

James Davis' full report from the meeting can be found here.

Full results can be found here.

Coverage of all races can be found on Vinco.


Hercules Wimbledon 3K Night

Wimbledon (26/8)

3000-4 Tomer Tarragano (R) 8:59.8 (HT) SB 4th

3000-7 Lewis Laylee 8:33.9 (HT) PB 10th

Lewis Laylee ran in heat 7 of the 3000 metres for his first post-lockdown race. His 8:33.9 placed him 10th in the race, taking over 10 seconds off his personal best set at last year's university open meet.

Full results can be found here.


Basingstoke & Mid Hants AC Events

Basingstoke (26/8)

Full results can be found here.


Harrow AC Race Night

Harrow (27/8)

1500-7 Ed Blythman (R) 4:10.6 (HT) PB 1st

With the newly appended '/Harrow' on her Power of 10 profile, Maisie Grice raced for the first ever time at the Bannister Stadium, home of her novel 2nd claim club. Fastest woman on the night by some way, Grice raced in the 6th 1500, for a season's best of 4:29.9 (HT). That time was less than a second from her PB, and faster than her ninth-placed run from BUCS Indoors back in February, placing her 39th in the country at time of writing.

Full results can be found here.


Mid Cheshire 5K

Kingsley (28/8)

Ed Shepherd* 14:10 PB 4th

Jack Gray* 14:22 7th

Harry Dexter 15:59 PB 101st

Laura Gent* 17:04 SB 164th (11th female)

Kate Moulds* 18:12 PB 201st (22nd female)

Ed Shepherd joined Jack Gray inside the top 40 of the UK rankings with a stellar PB which placed him at #38. Gray currently sits at #35 with his 14:08 clocking at the Podium 5K.

Full results can be found here.


BMC Gold Standard

Nuneaton (28/8)

800A Oliver Carvell (R) 1:54.46 3rd

800B Imogen Sheppard (R) 2:17.46 SB 3rd

800C Beth Sykes (R) 2:20.05 4th

Some new BUAC recruits were in action, as three Midlanders took their talents to the track at Nuneaton. Imogen Sheppard continued to impress with her range, at her 4th different distance of the season, as she ran her best 800 in three years for 3rd in the women's B race.

Full results can be found here.



Chelmsford (29-30/8)

100h2 Taiwo Eyiowuawi 12.61q (+3.1) PB 4th

100s2 Taiwo Eyiowuawi 12.55Q (+3.3) PB 3rd

100 Taiwo Eyiowuawi 12.54 (+2.8) PB 5th

400h1 Taiwo Eyiowuawi 58.85 3rd

400 Taiwo Eyiowuawi 59.81 4th

SP4 Kirsty-Anne Ebbage (R) 9.81 SB 5th

DT1 Kirsty-Anne Ebbage (R) 42.03 PB 5th

Taiwo Eyiowuawi was busy in Chelmsford over the weekend, racing five times and dropping her 100 metre PB three times across her three races. Though mildly wind assisted, all her runs were well underneath the 12.9 (HT) that was her best previously.

Kirsty-Anne Ebbage continued her strong restart, with a further improvement on her personal best at Lee Valley at the beginning of August. Over three and a half metres further than her previous 38.31, the result placed her as UK #19, and #7 U20.

Full results can be found here.


BMC Gold Standard

Lee Valley (29/8)

800C Adam Day 1:54.89 3rd

1500B Dan Maud 3:57.72 3rd

1500C Ethan O'Shea (R) 3:56.41 SB 4th

1500D OIlie Johnson 4:06.76 SB 7th

Harry Fisher (R) 4:01.14 PB 4th

1500C Ellie Farrow (R) 4:44.36 SB 2nd

3000SCA (Jay Rossiter) 9:10.70 SB 1st

Full results can be found here.


Göteburg Grand Prix

Göteburg (29/8)

800 Mari Smith* 2:05.65 7th VIDEO

Jonny Davies ran his 2nd fastest ever 5000 coming 9th in Göteburg, to place himself at UK #3 for both 3000 and now 5000. The race was won by runaway leader and Australian 10000 record holder Stewart McSweyn.

Mari Smith ran her first outdoor race of the year in the 800, with her last appearance on any track being her silver medal-winning performance in Glasgow back in February.

Power of 10 results can be found here.

Full results can be found here.

Coverage of all races can be found on Vinco.


Charnwood Open

Loughborough (30/8)

200-3 Jas Clark 25.63 (+0.9) PB 1st

200-4 Louise Robinson (R) 24.99 (+0.3) PB 4th

400-1 Grace Gentry 60.19 SB 1st

400-2 Louise Robinson (R) 58.29 PB 2nd

800-3 Joe Tuffin 1:52.71 SB 1st

3000 Hannah Seager (R) 11:19.42 SB 5th

Talented hurdler Louise Robinson performed well over the flat at Loughborough, taking home a pair of personal bests that placed her in the UK top 100 for both events.

Jas Clark ran her best 200 metres by almost a quarter of a second in the heat before, in a race also featuring Lauren Butler, who continued her run of consistent post-lockdown form.

Full results can be found here.


Midland Counties AA Open

Nuneaton (30/8)

800-2 Beth Sykes (R) 2:19.69 6th

400-3 Imogen Sheppard (R) 58.62 3rd

Full results can be found here.

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